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The Carbon Landscape will be informing and educating everyone about the history, ecology and future visions for the region. This means events, media opportunities and signage throughout the wetland areas. This website will be a great starting point for the amazing region where you live.


Carbon Clever will provide a variety of learning and engagement activities for children of primary school age. The project will help the project partners instil local pride, connect children with their landscape and increase awareness and interest in the restoration of the Carbon Landscape. 

Development of a virtual platform for the Carbon Landscape, building educational resources, interpretation material, interactive material and a RoundView Game, which will be supportable across multiple platforms from tablet, phone and laptop. 

Working with partners and land managers to carry out physical landscape improvements to key sites throughout the Carbon Landscape. Providing clear benefits for the conservation and enhancement of the natural heritage of the Carbon landscape alongside opportunities for volunteers and students.

The RoundView is a big-picture, positive vision of sustainability. It gives a practical way to steer our actions, projects and everyday lives in the right direction.

The provision of innovative interpretation materials and signage for the proposed Wigan Flashes Visitor Centre. The natural and cultural heritage of the landscape will provide an engaging visitor experience and the Centre will provide a lasting legacy for the Carbon Landscape Project.