Get involved

Look at all the wonderful habitat restoration in the North West – none of this would be possible without volunteers, supporters and local funding. Every one of our 22 organisations in the Great Manchester Wetlands Project provides volunteers to make this a better place for wildlife and humans. You can get involved in The Carbon Landscape by offering your time or support. Volunteering is a great way to join in – it’s fun, healthy and you are making a difference. To find out more click on the events or volunteering tabs.


Enabling and empowering volunteer recorders to undertake wildlife monitoring, using structured survey methods. In addition to providing invaluable data, using ‘Citizen Scientists’ provides an important mechanism for involving and immersing people within the Landscape and providing a feeling of ownership of the Landscape. 

A comprehensive training programme for community members, volunteers, and partners. The training programme aims to instil pride in the local heritage, enabling participants to reconnect with their landscape through 'life-long' learning. 

An opportunity for local people to learn traditional heritage and conservation management skills whilst undertaking a traineeship in Environment Conservation. Together with volunteers, they will work alongside, and gain knowledge from, a variety of experts from across the Partnership. 

This project puts volunteers at its forefront by upskilling, supporting, and enabling local action. It will give local people a voice for their landscape, raising awareness of its importance within the wider community by celebrating its heritage, and developing a sense of pride and place. 

Aiming to engage participants with the natural and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape through a structured programme of guided walks. Participants will receive an outdoor exercise offer and behaviour change support. 

Through supporting community groups to conserve and enhance their local environment, the Sense of Place Project will instil pride and engender community ownership in the Carbon Landscape. Through conserving natural and cultural heritage, the project will engage local people to become the Custodians of our Future.