Get out

Going outdoors is great for your health and for your family. The Carbon Landscape is a great space – a huge space – to get some fresh air whatever the weather. The Carbon Landscape will offer lots of events to get you away from your television and into your own local wild spaces.


Physical access improvements to the Carbon Landscape improving gateways sites and developing a ‘Carbon Trail’ linking wild spaces in and between the three conurbations. A series of three shorter ‘Loops’ will be established that will provide interpretative features and tell the Carbon Landscape story. 

To improve pedestrian and cyclist accessibility to Chat Moss and the wider landscape. The recreational possibilities of this project are substantial. 

A comprehensive programme of activities aimed at a range of audiences. The programme of events will inspire members of the community within and around the Carbon Landscape to get involved, linking the restoration elements of the programme to the wider social and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape.

Artists will work alongside members of the community to tell the story of the formation, exploitation and restoration of the Carbon Landscape with a variety of media in different ways to create materials that can be displayed and exhibited within and outside the Carbon Landscape.