Andy, Carbon Landscape Trainee

Andrew joined the Carbon Landscape as a trainee in May 2018 following on from a number years of conservation volunteering with multiple organisations in the UK and abroad including Lancashire Wildlife Trust, British Trust for Ornithology and The Conservation Volunteers.

Andrew also assisted Cheshire Wildlife Trust in the re-introduction of white-faced darters back in 2013, experience that will be highly valuable to Carbon Landscape during their own re-introduction projects. His previous work experience is largely varied but has always comes back to nature and conservation projects and this is the direction he would like to steer his career towards.

Andrew's interests include photography, wildlife (particularly damselflies, dragonflies, butterflies and birds) and his photos have already been used in a number of LWT publications.

Already, Andrew has received brush cutter training and gained his first aid outdoor qualification. He has also begun his AQA qualification in invasive species and received dragonfly and damsel fly survey training.

Andrew has supported numerous Carbon Landscape events and is also promoting the project through engagement with our social media platforms.

Andrew has now familiarised himself with many of the sites within the project area and has met many of our partners including GMEU, Carbon Creative and Manchester City of Trees and has also started work on his exciting personal project.

Andrew's personal project involves surveying Carbon Landscape sites for the regionally rare bog bush cricket, trailing an exciting new survey method that uses bat detectors to listen for characteristic ‘chuffing’ noises of the bog bush crickets. This project will also involve delivering workshops and leading a group of volunteers out on site surveys, gaining valuable experience and skills that will progress Andrew in his desired field.