Emma - Carbon Landscape Trainee

I have a Degree in Zoology from University of Liverpool (integrated masters) and volunteered with Lancashire Wildlife Trust for 2 years (since January 2016) before getting the job as a Carbon Landscape Trainee. I have also volunteered on the Kingfisher Trail project as a volunteer placement from August 2017 – April 2018.

I got into drawing and painting last year after being given a set of watercolours as a thank-you gift, and I’m very much a beginner at photography and like to take pictures to use as a drawing reference later (mainly of plants so far). I enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy books – a friend of mine with similar tastes in books has a habit of shoving books at me insisting I read them, I got a new favourite author that way so I’m not complaining. Also like to read ‘popular science’ books on anything animal-related.

I would love to work within the Wildlife Trust or similar organisation, as a project officer or something similar. I am also interested in doing a PhD at some point although I think it will take some time to get a chance to do that.

So far I’ve gained an Outdoor First Aid qualification, received brushcutter training and am working towards my AQA in Invasive Species ID and removal, I have also been learning about phase 1 habitat surveys from Steve and Tony.

Site visits to Wigan sites, Risley Moss in Warrington and meeting with project partners such as GMEU have familiarised me with the Carbon Landscape. I have attended meetings about the Golden Thread Trail in Warrington and had a dragonfly survey workshop at Rixton Clay pits helping with activities at events (Wigan Flashes Open Day and Leigh Carnival).

I haven’t decided on a personal project yet, but would like to do something that involves carrying out surveys and data/statistical analysis. There’s GIS training being considered which I would like to do.

I want to gain licences in different practical skills (i.e brushcutter which I’ve already done) and field survey licences. I also want to brush up on my data analysis skills and learn how to use GIS properly – I’ve done a bit with QGIS previously but need to learn more. Since I want to be a Project Officer I need to learn how to manage budgets, write technical reports and understand the management/admin side of the job whilst keeping up with ‘conservation on the ground’.