The Friends of Lilford Park CIC (FoLP)

Lilford Park Leigh, WN7 1HN

FoLP CIC was formed in April 2012. Since then, our principal objectives have been to promote and improve Lilford Park. The park has suffered from poor investment for many years and the Friends realised that as an independent Community Interest Company (CIC) they could apply for charitable funding for community projects which the Council could not provide. In the past three years FoLP have been successful in obtaining funds to refurbish, reopen and service the park public toilets; tidy the bowling pavilion, making it secure and available (on application) for public use, providing and servicing many additional litter bins, improving the safety and security of the children’s play area, installing and improving additional park seating and picnic benches and creating a more vital sporting environment in the form of two 5 a side football pitches from the disused bowling greens and a refurbishing the basketball training court.

At the extreme end of the park drive there is a muddy pond or ‘scrape’ which was excavated three years ago by the Environment Agency. Since then, the scrape has been left undeveloped and feral growth in the form of unsightly brambles and bog weed have been allowed to cover the approach. The surrounding area is poorly drained and floods in Winter and as a result access is difficult without gumboots or waders. FoLP would like to develop the area cosmetically and environmentally by clearing out the feral growth, formalising drainage and installing a permanent and maintainable access pathway with dipping pegs around three open sides of the pond.

How you can get involved: 

The Secretary, FoLP, 2 Westrees, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 1JE Tel 01942 603145