Gateway to Our Landscape

The Carbon Landscape Partnership offers local communities a gateway to the landscape. A landscape that encompasses both nationally and internationally important wetlands and rare species.  We are aiming to improve access across sites and work with local communities to help them to engage, explore, understand and enjoy the landscape.  

Looking To The Future

Nature over the last few years has started to restore our post industrial landscape. Time, patience and offering our wildlife the room and freedom to expand, has now given us the wetlands and Mersey corridor, abundant with internationally rare species. Due to the loss of species diversity across the landscape over the industrial time period and ever increasing urbanisation, reintroduction programmes are becoming more and more important as the landscape continues to heal. By reintroducing both flora and fauna species into their correct habitats will have a huge positive impact on the overal ecology of the environment. 

The Carbon Trial

The Carbon Landscape Partnership will build on existing work to connect our areas of green space to create a more resilient and connected landscape for wildlife and people alike.  While the corridors will imptrove the distribution of wild populations and offer migration routes and sancturies for a whole host of species, it will also offer ways for us to involve oursleves with the landscape. It will include the Carbon Trail – a route linking the three landscape character areas between urban areas. This trail will be over 30 miles and will rest on strava and other cycling and walking apps.

A series of three shorter Carbon Trails or ‘Loops’ on sites will be established that will provide interpretative features and tell the Carbon Landscape story in different ways in each area. Three gateway sites in Salford, Risley and Wigan have also been prioritised for improvement, based on public and partnership consultation and analysis. 

Salford Gateway

  • The Salford Gateway begins at New Moss Wood, in Cadishead. Following consultaiton with several schools and through design workshops, a poetry trail, play trail and gate artwork have been designed. The history of the site is largely commercial, with an extensive stretch of plantation woodland and paths across the site, it is filled with a variety of birds and invertebrates! Work on the new trails begin late 2020. But is still worth a visit currently!

Warrington Gateway

  • Risley Moss SSI Nature Reserve has a varied industrial history, having been extracted for peat and used as an ammunition factory. It boasts a visitor centre with toilets, several trails, including their Boggart Sculpture Trail which is great for families, and now it has an amazing boardwalk through the mosses which is accessible to everyone. You’ll see everything from amphibians to a wide variety of birds, reptiles to insects, and rare plantlife, so it’s well worth the visit.

Wigan Gateway

  • Wigan's Gateway onto the Landscape is at Three Sisters Nature reserve.