Information Resource centre

The Carbon Landscape offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. If you’re looking for school resources, wish to upskill yourself to make a physical difference, or are interested in understanding the vast heritage of this landscape and possible sustainable futures for post-industrial sites, our project has a package for you.

School education
We specialise in both facilitating classroom sessions and hosting class trips to exciting ex-industrial nature reserves.
Training opportunities
Changing your career or fancy learning more about the natural environment. Join our volunteering team to benefit from lots of free training. More bespoke training through voluntary placements and paid traineeships are available.
Community group workshops
Participate in innovative research and learn to analyse your community impact. A unique opportunity to map out a vision for a more sustainable future through informative workshops.
Creative projects
Learn how this project will interpret the heritage and wildlife potential through exciting art projects.