We will be delivering 22 interlinked projects across Wigan, Warrington and Salford which will have lasting benefits for local communities and wildlife. Read through our project pages to find out more.

Carbon Clever will provide a variety of learning and engagement activities for children of primary school age. The project will help the project partners instil local pride, connect children with their landscape and increase awareness and interest in the restoration of the Carbon Landscape. 

A comprehensive programme of activities aimed at a range of audiences. The programme of events will inspire members of the community within and around the Carbon Landscape to get involved, linking the restoration elements of the programme to the wider social and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape.

Artists will work alongside members of the community to tell the story of the formation, exploitation and restoration of the Carbon Landscape with a variety of media in different ways to create materials that can be displayed and exhibited within and outside the Carbon Landscape. 

Development of a virtual platform for the Carbon Landscape, building educational resources, interpretation material, interactive material and a RoundView Game, which will be supportable across multiple platforms from tablet, phone and laptop. 

Working with partners and land managers to carry out physical landscape improvements to key sites throughout the Carbon Landscape. Providing clear benefits for the conservation and enhancement of the natural heritage of the Carbon landscape alongside opportunities for volunteers and students.

A comprehensive training programme for community members, volunteers, and partners. The training programme aims to instil pride in the local heritage, enabling participants to reconnect with their landscape through 'life-long' learning. 

Physical access improvements to the Carbon Landscape improving gateways sites and developing a ‘Carbon Trail’ linking wild spaces in and between the three conurbations. A series of three shorter ‘Loops’ will be established that will provide interpretative features and tell the Carbon Landscape story. 

An opportunity for local people to learn traditional heritage and conservation management skills whilst undertaking a traineeship in Environment Conservation. Together with volunteers, they will work alongside, and gain knowledge from, a variety of experts from across the Partnership. 

This project puts volunteers at its forefront by upskilling, supporting, and enabling local action. It will give local people a voice for their landscape, raising awareness of its importance within the wider community by celebrating its heritage, and developing a sense of pride and place. 

Enabling and empowering volunteer recorders to undertake wildlife monitoring, using structured survey methods. In addition to providing invaluable data, using ‘Citizen Scientists’ provides an important mechanism for involving and immersing people within the Landscape and providing a feeling of ownership of the Landscape. 

A project to create, improve and connect a corridor of fen habitats and wetlands within the urban area of Wigan and Leigh. Through essential capital works and volunteer engagement, the project will improve the area for wildlife and people to enjoy. 

Healthy Arts is a not-for-profit organisation of Wigan-based arts professionals who deliver workshops and/or projects to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals and/or for the benefit of the community. Working with groups or individuals, we can create bespoke arts projects and learning on almost any theme to meet the specific needs of service users and groups.

A pilot restoration of the wetland habitat within the Low Hall Local Nature Reserve. The project will benefit aquatic and wetland wildlife, improve the quality of the landscape and help to reconnect people to their landscape through a program of volunteer activities including the Mersey Rivers Trust River Guardian programme. 

To improve pedestrian and cyclist accessibility to Chat Moss and the wider landscape. The recreational possibilities of this project are substantial. 

Aiming to engage participants with the natural and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape through a structured programme of guided walks. Participants will receive an outdoor exercise offer and behaviour change support. 

This site is one of the few remaining areas of historic riverside meadows in Warrington. This project will re-instate the original riverside path. Site interpretation will be installed and the creation of zoned areas for reduced disturbance to wildlife whilst maintaining public use will be created. 

The restoration of a rare lowland raised bog habitat through rewetting and scrub management. The site forms a significant ecological stepping stone between the larger Risley and Holdcroft mosses. Access enhancements will simultaneously improve access and protect sensitive areas of the site. 

Enhancing accessibility within the Mini-Moss bog education area, including a raised and fenced boardwalk and a raised viewing platform. Habitat improvements will also be achieved by further rewetting of the site. 

Creation of a habitat corridor to link the isolated components of a Special Area of Conservation by carrying out practical conservation including tree, scrub and vegetation clearance. Safeguarding the Great Crested Newt population with the addition of dams for water retention, increasing the wet grassland area. 

The RoundView is a big-picture, positive vision of sustainability. It gives a practical way to steer our actions, projects and everyday lives in the right direction.

Through supporting community groups to conserve and enhance their local environment, the Sense of Place Project will instil pride and engender community ownership in the Carbon Landscape. Through conserving natural and cultural heritage, the project will engage local people to become the Custodians of our Future. 

FoLP CIC was formed in April 2012. Since then, our principal objectives have been to promote and improve Lilford Park. The park has suffered from poor investment for many years and the Friends realised that as an independent Community Interest Company (CIC) they could apply for charitable funding for community projects which the Council could not provide.

Our cycling club was formed in September 2013. We are a group of like-minded cyclists who enjoy the great outdoors, each other’s company, a laugh and a joke. Our group is made up of both genders, mixed physical ability and a variety of ages, (we do limit this to 16 plus though, the younger ones are much too quick for us).

The provision of innovative interpretation materials and signage for the proposed Wigan Flashes Visitor Centre. The natural and cultural heritage of the landscape will provide an engaging visitor experience and the Centre will provide a lasting legacy for the Carbon Landscape Project. 

A highly innovative wetland creation and rotation programme. This project seeks to create several new habitats—including two new wetland lagoons, which will operate at one of the different stages of the lifecycle of a wetland, thus creating a site rich in habitat diversity, including scrub, willow, reed-beds and open water.