Woolston Eyes Dynamic Wetlands


Straddling the historical Manchester Ship Canal, the Woolston Eyes Project focuses on developing a new dynamic wetland within a working dredging site.  New habitats will be created - including two new wetland lagoons—resulting in a total of four wetlands “cells”.

The cells will then be managed by controlling water levels in a rotational manner that mimics the historic usage of the site by Manchester Ship Canal Company.  Each cell will be operating at one of the different stages of the lifecycle of a wetland, thus creating a site rich in habitat diversity, including scrub, willow, wet scrub woodland, reed-beds and open water.

Taking such an innovative approach to wetland creation and management will ensure the long term sustainability of these wetlands, and provide a long term refuge for the large populations of birds which use and inhabit this site. 


  • 40 hectares of dynamic wetland 
  • 2 wetland lagoons 
  • 2 new hides created 
  • 2 existing hide refurbished  
  • Site signage 
  • Improved visitor trails and access
How you can get involved: 

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