• Cadishead and Little Woolden
  • Volunteers collecting cottongrass seed on Cadishead
  • Carbon Landscape Programme Team
  • Great crested Greebs
  • New Cut Heritage and Ecology Group
  • Carbon Landscape History & Wildlife Walks

The Carbon Landscape - Creating a step change in the restoration of an ancient landscape once altered by industry. Working together, to deliver significant landscape restoration and improvements.  Building on local passion and pride, to improve access for the local communities and visitors


Wildlife Trust Carbon Map
The industrial landscape that dominated South Lancashire is becoming one of the greenest areas of the North West – a wilderness among millions of homes.

The Carbon Landscape project will bring together previous restoration achievements with new works without losing sight of the ground-breaking heritage that made the region famous. The project has three broad objectives:

  • Restoration – To continue restoring a derelict landscape connecting wild areas to offer a better chance for wildlife;
  • Access – To reconnect people to the land;
  • Understanding – To raise awareness and remind local residents that this is YOUR landscape.

The project area covers former coalfields to the north and west and mosslands and riverside environments to the south, providing a combination of peatscapes and brownfield sites. Three core zones have been identified: the Flashes; the Mosslands; and the Mersey Wetlands Corridor.

The Carbon Landscape has strongly influenced the economic and cultural development of surrounding communities. This project presents an important opportunity to reaffirm the relationship between community and landscape into the future, strengthening and enhancing both.More