The Carbon Landscape encompasses the wetlands of Wigan, the mosslands in Salford and Warrington and the Mersey Wetlands corridor stretching from Rixton to the Manchester Ship Canal, including the Woolston Eyes SSSI in Warrington.

The Carbon Landscape is a diverse landscape of water, fen, wet grassland, wet woodland and lowland raised bog. It represents the community and natural heritage of the three distinct boroughs, as well as the rich industrial and social history of the North West.

This landscape, and the desire to engage the community with their local sites, brought together the Carbon Landscape Partnership, a £3.2million project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  The programme aims to help us to connect all our wonderful wildlife sites together so that we have a resilient landscape.  It is the first major delivery project of the Great Manchester Wetlands. Twenty-two different projects are being delivered throughout the Carbon Landscape, in the heart of the Great Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area, ranging from habitat restoration works to community group empowerment.  These projects are delivered by the Carbon Landscape Programme Team and the fourteen project partners.

The Carbon Landscape project will bring together previous restoration achievements with new works without losing sight of the ground-breaking heritage that made the region famous. Its aim, to redesign our landscape with wildlife in mind. Creating a network of safe spaces for wild animals to move between. The Carbon Landscape is such an urban area we want to inspire people to see what wildlife is on their doorstep and to get involved.

The Project

In a Nut Shell

The project focuses on both natural and man-made heritage left behind after the closure of the Lancashire Coalfields, and other extractive industries such as peat and clay extraction. Our area was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. The climate of the region, together with energy from both water and coal, made it an ideal location for innovation and the expansion of industry.

As part of the Carbon Landscape Partnership’s quest to celebrate the area's hidden heritage, we are working with our partners and communities to restore the natural landscape, while interpreting the natural and social heritage of the area. 

The 3 Aims

 The Carbon Landscape Partnership, has three programme aims. These are:

1) RESTORATION: To restore a derelict landscape, ensuring connectivity and resilience in an area facing significant threats.

2) RECONNECTION: To reconnect people with their landscape through improved access, increased learning and volunteering opportunities.

3) COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: To instil pride and engender community ownership in our Carbon Landscape, providing skills for local people, groups and beneficiaries to become custodians for our future.

Implemented by 14 delivery partners, 22 interlinked projects will provide a coherent and effective programme that will have lasting benefits for local residents and wildlife.

From the outset the scheme’s legacy has been a key consideration, and all of the projects have been planned with long term sustainability in mind. The Project will continue to enhance both the area’s heritage and people’s understanding and appreciation of it well beyond the life of the NLHF funded scheme.