Carbon Connections

Throughout the Carbon Landscape

A comprehensive events programme to enjoy and celebrate the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape.

The project will interpret, disseminate and promote key messages about the Carbon Landscape project through accessible, relevant and enjoyable activities and events. The programme of events will inspire members of the community within and around the Carbon Landscape to get involved with other aspects of the project and help to link the restoration elements of the programme to the wider social and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape.


  • Programme of events and activities delivered throughout the 5 years of the Carbon Landscape programme including and end celebration 
  • 2,500 participants in the programme of events delivered through Discover the Carbon Landscape   
  • 20 local groups engaged in the programme and contributing to the delivery of the programme 
  • 4 local museums and historical institutions involved in delivering the programme
How you can get involved: 

We offer free training through our events and volunteering programmes.  To find out more click on the events or volunteering tabs.

Contact the Carbon Landscape Project Team:
Telephone: 01942 726214

Image credit: Gill Jennings