Throughout the Carbon Landscape

Help shape the future of our Carbon Landscape

The RoundView is a big-picture, positive vision of sustainability. It gives a practical way to steer our actions, projects and everyday lives in the right direction.

Over the next five years, during the Carbon Landscape Project, there will be a series of workshops that will provide an opportunity to learn more about long-term sustainability and develop ideas for your local area.  These workshops are interactive and suitable for all kinds of people, anyone who is interested in the place and how we live here.

It's about practical ideas that we can use now, and it's also about looking ahead to imagine a better future that we can work towards, together.

Details of specific events will appear on this website as they are arranged. All are welcome.

If you would like to register your interest in this exciting project, please don't hesitate to get in touch now! Also, if you would like to see a workshop in your area or for a group you are part of, let us know!

How you can get involved: 

Request a RoundView Session for your organisation or group. Contact the University of Manchester for more information.