Outdoor Champions

Throughout the Carbon Landscape

The Outdoor Champions programme will engage with the natural and cultural heritage of the Carbon Landscape through a structured programme of health walks.

The rationale for supporting a ‘health walks’ focus reflects both the findings from national and local evidence of effectiveness. As part of the referral programme participants will receive an outdoor exercise offer and behaviour change support over an initial period of 12 weeks as well as monitoring support for up to 6 months after completion.

Exercise and health programmes are tailored to fit both health limitations and personal choice. The programme will be delivered within the Flashes, Mosslands and Wetlands Corridor of the Carbon Landscape locality. Activities will also be organised to reflect the ease of access from targeted communities.


  • 6 weekly sessions x 48 weeks per annum 
  • 485 new participants per annum (1,455 over 3 years) 
  • 30 new volunteers to support the programme over 3 years
How you can get involved: 

To take part in the Health Walks, or to volunteer and to train as an Outdoor Champion, contact Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles.