Wigan Borough Community Cycling Club

Wigan Borough

Our cycling club was formed in September 2013. We are a group of like-minded cyclists who enjoy the great outdoors, each other’s company, a laugh and a joke. Our group is made up of both genders, mixed physical ability and a variety of ages, (we do limit this to 16 plus though, the younger ones are much too quick for us).

We don’t race, wear an abundance of Lycra or give awards or titles, other than for notoriety. We do, however, cycle local tracks, trails, bridleways, country roads and towpaths on a regular basis. Distances range anywhere from 10 to 50 miles depending on the weather conditions and riders ability. We cycle for around two hours every Tuesday from Trencherfield Mill in Wigan and try to get out on a longer ride every couple of weeks.

All of our rides are posted on the Events Page of our website, www.trails4us.co.uk. Most rides are planned in advance with our longer rides commencing from various locations around the North West. All our rides are led by experienced leaders and run at a leisurely pace - usually that of the slowest rider - which allows us to chat along the way

How you can get involved: