Carbon Volunteers

Across the Carbon Landscape

This project drives forward essential action for a bigger, better more joined up Carbon Landscape that puts volunteers at its forefront by upskilling, supporting, and enabling local action.

It gives local people a voice for their landscape, raising awareness of its importance within the wider community by celebrating its heritage, and developing a sense of pride and place.

We have a wide range of landscape scale projects and we believe effective co-ordination of volunteer effort is crucial to the restoration of important habitats addressing areas where connectivity is its priority aim. 


  • 500 volunteers registered and benefitting from rewards and recognition package  
  • 20 volunteers trained as Landscape Champions, who directly inspire 500 participants 
  • 1 volunteer promotion campaign  
  • 500 ha of landscape enhanced as a direct result of volunteer activity 
How you can get involved: 

If you would like to volunteer with us then check out our Volunteer section for more information. 

Contact the Carbon Landscape Partnership Team:
Telephone: 01942 246415