Sense of Place

Throughout the Carbon Landscape

The Sense of Place Project set up a support network for the various user groups located within the Carbon Landscape. Through supporting community groups to conserve and enhance their local environment, the Sense of Place Project instilled pride and engender community ownership in our Carbon Landscape project area.



  •                 1 expanded and supported network
  •                 30 projects developed
  •                 62 new groups supported
  •                 Over 215 people engaged within sense of place groups
  •                  49 information bulletins
  •                 1257 people reach with the circulation of the information bulletin
  •                 9 networking events
  •                 289 people engaged through networking events


64 groups that we have worked with have gone on to set up 30 projects for themselves! We have also worked with other organisations, particularly Leonard Cheshire Disability and have pooled resources to help increase accessibility for people with additional needs.


Through conserving natural and cultural heritage, the project has engage local people, groups and beneficiaries to become the Custodians of our Future!



How you can get involved: 

Contact the Carbon Landscape Partnership Team:
Telephone: 01942 246415