Sense of Place

Throughout the Carbon Landscape

One of the great joys of the Carbon Landscape is the 64 groups that we are working with who have gone on to set up 35 projects for themselves. A special mention has to go the Friends groups of key sites and Sandra Hardingham of Leonard Cheshire Disability who have pooled resources to help increase accessibility for people with additional needs. 

Projects to date include

  • Through our Eyes - project with Expanse and My LIfe CIC with young people with additional needs
  • The crossing at Pennington Flash for wheelchairs
  • Work with the Friends of Chat Moss and Risley Moss Action Group.
  • Developing the Gateway with the Friends of Three Sisters and the Hamlet.
  • Heritage across the Mersey Corridor with the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Group, the Friends of Westy Park and Greenspaces and Latchford Arts and Greenspaces
  • A full site transformation at Whitehead Hall Meadows, Astley
  • New trails at Woolston Park

The Carbon Landscape Partnership supports community-led heritage projects towards sustainability by creating a legacy toolkit. When we use the word heritage in this toolkit we mean all aspects of the natural and cultural heritage. Sense of Place is everything that is distinctive about a place – landform (e.g. wetlands, grasslands, mosslands and woodlands), vegetation, land use, field boundaries, buildings, settlements, history, traditions, dialect, industries, skills, food and drink; things that resonate with both residents and visitors.  It is sometimes called ‘local distinctiveness’ and can be about the ordinary aswell as the endangered.

Chapters include:

1.    Key aspects of Sense of Place

2.    Aims, outcomes and outputs

3.    Consulting communities

4.    Writing a business / project plan

5.    Income generating

6.    Troubleshooting a project

7.    Interpretation best practice

8.    Communications and events

9.    Monitoring and Evaluation

Through conserving natural and cultural heritage, the project will engage local people to become the Custodians of our Future. 



How you can get involved: 

Contact the Carbon Landscape Partnership Team:
Telephone: 01942 726214