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The Big MOVEmber Walk

(c) Ellie Sherlock
Ellie Sherlock

32 students from Leigh college got moving for this year’s big MOVEmber walking event. 

This November we wanted to get as many people as possible to join us for a walk of Pennington Flash to launch the Lunchtime Loop as part of MOVEmber.  

MOVEmber is a walking event coordinated by Wigan & Leigh College, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles and The Carbon Landscape Partnership.

Run in November, the event aims to get hundreds...More

Winter Farmland Bird Survey

(c) Adrian Dancy
Steve Atkins

The mosslands of the Carbon Landscape remain an important area for red and amber-listed farmland birds despite significant declines in their numbers.

By enlisting the help of volunteer recorders, our Citizen Science Project, in partnership with Greater Manchester Ecological Unit, aims to monitor the abundance and distribution of priority species including Lapwing, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Skylark, Tree Sparrow and Yellowhammer, and to...More

Volunteers - We couldn't do it without you

(c) Ellie Sherlock
Ellie Sherlock

We simply could not do the work we do without our volunteers.

Dedicated individuals are working each week across Wigan, Warrington and Salford to create a bigger, better and more joined up landscape.

Practical habitat management work, biological surveys, inspiring communities and assisting with education events, our volunteers our transforming spaces for wildlife and people alike.

We are so lucky to have such passionate...More

Autumn Delights

Leislers Bats (c) Tom Marshall
Jeff Gorse

Enjoying the Carbon Landscape is an experience for all the senses, from the scent of summer flowers to the chilly nip of a fine frosty morning walk, but whilst we tend to think of wildlife as being there to be seen – it is called ‘bird watching’ after all – it is just as much fun to experience the other sensations of nature, particularly the sounds. 

Spring and summer dawn choruses introduce us to a whole choir of birds, many of which...More

7000 Plants added to Little Woolden Moss

Carbon Landscape Trainee, Emma Halliwell on Little Woolden Moss
Ellie Sherlock

A staggering 7000 plants have been added to Little Woolden Moss, Salford, in week-long effort to improve the landscape.

Carbon Landscape trainees, volunteers and The Friends of Chat Moss have come together in this huge planting effort to improve the valuable mossland.

The planting project has consisted of adding hare’s-tail cottongrass and cross-leaved heath to the site, both typical plants of a healthy mossland.


Mayor Keen on Wetland Plan for Wildlife

Great Manchester Leaders visit Little Woolden Moss
Ellie Sherlock

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham would like to see green swathes of Salford joining up with the Greenheart of Wigan to create a huge natural network for wildlife and people.

The Mayor was visiting Little Woolden Moss, in Salford last week (27th Sept), to look at the work that is being done to restore peat-extracted landscapes into wildlife habitats and see how green regeneration can help tackle climate change.


Funding Secured to Revive Rare Habitat

(c) Nigel Balding
Ellie Sherlock

A globally rare and pre-historic habitat will be bought back to life in Warrington, with £33,000 funding.


Pestfurlong Moss is a rare fragment of 10,000-year-old lowland raised peat bog. Internationally important, lowland raised peat bogs are capable of supporting key species such as common lizard, brown hare and black darter dragonflies.


It is part of the Great Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area and...More

Climate Change - A Hot Topic

(c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

Climate change is as hot a topic today as it has been at any point in the last twenty or thirty years, with the news and programmes such as Springwatch and Blue Planet highlighting the often catastrophic impact human activity can have upon the natural world. After the hottest and driest summer for two generations the short-term effects are clearly observed in the disastrous moor fires, dried-up waterways and scorched fields across our local...More

The Changing Seasons

(c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

As summer passes its zenith the changing of the season is marked by changes in the wildlife at our local patches. As a broiler of a summer burns slowly but surely into autumn the first departures see cuckoos and swifts begin to head south on their long migration to their wintering grounds and in due course they will be followed by that most familiar and melancholy sign of the changing seasons as family groups of swallows and martins gather on...More

Mesmerising Moths

Brimstone (c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

Jeff Gorse is a keen wildlife enthusiast and nature photographer who works closely with us in our partnership with Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles. Here, Jeff talks about one of his passions - moths!


Summer nights might conjure up images of barbeques, family garden parties and John Travolta / Olivia Newton John duets but for lepidopterists it also means the moth trapping season is in full swing. Until a year or so ago I must...More