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Funding Secured to Revive Rare Habitat

(c) Nigel Balding
Ellie Sherlock

A globally rare and pre-historic habitat will be bought back to life in Warrington, with £33,000 funding.


Pestfurlong Moss is a rare fragment of 10,000-year-old lowland raised peat bog. Internationally important, lowland raised peat bogs are capable of supporting key species such as common lizard, brown hare and black darter dragonflies.


It is part of the Great Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area and...More

Climate Change - A Hot Topic

(c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

Climate change is as hot a topic today as it has been at any point in the last twenty or thirty years, with the news and programmes such as Springwatch and Blue Planet highlighting the often catastrophic impact human activity can have upon the natural world. After the hottest and driest summer for two generations the short-term effects are clearly observed in the disastrous moor fires, dried-up waterways and scorched fields across our local...More

The Changing Seasons

(c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

As summer passes its zenith the changing of the season is marked by changes in the wildlife at our local patches. As a broiler of a summer burns slowly but surely into autumn the first departures see cuckoos and swifts begin to head south on their long migration to their wintering grounds and in due course they will be followed by that most familiar and melancholy sign of the changing seasons as family groups of swallows and martins gather on...More

Mesmerising Moths

Brimstone (c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

Jeff Gorse is a keen wildlife enthusiast and nature photographer who works closely with us in our partnership with Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles. Here, Jeff talks about one of his passions - moths!


Summer nights might conjure up images of barbeques, family garden parties and John Travolta / Olivia Newton John duets but for lepidopterists it also means the moth trapping season is in full swing. Until a year or so ago I must...More

National Hedgehog Awareness Week 2018 by Jeff Gorse

(c) Jeff Gorse
Jeff Gorse

Jeff Gorse is a keen wildlife enthusiast and nature photographer who works closely with us in our partnership with Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles. Here is his experience of caring for a couple of messy hedgehogs this winter...


What started as a chance encounter on a dark street led to a winter filled with gnawed chicken drumsticks, piles of very smelly newspaper and two bulky and contented hedgehogs emerging from hibernation and...More

Goblin Hunting

Becoming a goblin expert
Lydia Dayes

The Easter holidays certainly challenged us with all the weather Mother Nature could throw at us. Thankfully native goblins don't bother about cold, wet and boggy conditions. In fact, they love them! 

A massive thank you to all the adventurous goblin finders who came out and joined our alternative Easter activities this half term. We were lucky enough travel the landscape with the world goblin expert, Professor Jigget, to see these...More

New round of trainee placements

New round of trainee placements
Becky Royce

Wow the time seems to have flown by and our first round of three trainees are about to leave us. Two of them have already gone on to find full time employment within the conservation sector and our final trainee has interviews coming up so we are super positive she will be employed soon too.

We were so impressed and happy with how successful it has been that we have brought forward the next intake and have now started to advertise for...More

Let's Go Bog Trotting!

"Spring! Jump! Don’t forget to hop! Bog bush cricket does the bog trot" - Jane McNulty
Ellie Sherlock

Yesterday we took families out on a fantastic, wild story adventure following the tale of a lost bog bush cricket on Little Wooldon Moss.


The Great Bog Hop Trail combined nature with creativity and made for an inspiringly different afternoon for children and adults alike.


37 people joined us for our story walk, including four children who designed the characters used for the story. 


The tale of...More

Five First Steps with Carbon Landscape

Ellie Sherlock

Our latest #firststeps campaign is all about how you can get out and get involved in the Carbon Landscape. Throughout the course of this campaign we will be creating events and opportunities that will help you on your journey of exploration. Follow us on social media and get involved in the campaign using the hashtag #firststeps. Let’s get started…

Step One: Learn Something New

Here at Carbon Landscape we want...More