Citizen Science

Throughout the Carbon Landscape

A major species and habitat surveying project for the whole Carbon Landscape area, using innovative software.

Spread over three years, the project uses volunteer recorders to undertake the monitoring works, using structured survey methods, allowing repeatable and comparable surveillance to be undertaken year on year.

In addition to providing comprehensive and detailed data, using volunteer recorders, or Citizen Scientists, provides an important mechanism for involving and immersing people within the landscape and providing a feeling of ownership of the landscape, as well providing a cost effective, robust and sustainable monitoring method.


  • 56 volunteers trained
  • 15 Training Workshops delivered
  • 370 surveys completed and submitted and analysed
  • One sustainable and repeatable survey system and online resources shared for the Carbon Landscape
How you can get involved: 

For more details, contact the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit on how you can be trained as a volunteer. 

We offer free training through our events and volunteering programmes.  To find out more click on the events or volunteering tabs.

Telephone: 0161 342 2771