Holcroft Moss (by permit only)

Explore Holcroft Moss (by permit only) 

Holcroft Moss is a part of the Special Area for Conservation, internationally important Manchester Mosses designated lowland raised bog and is thought to be the only known example in the immediate area that has never been cut for peat. 

Unfortunately, the M62 and commercial peat extraction in the vicinity has lowered the water table, and this has subsequently damaged the hydrology of Holcroft Moss. The Cheshire Wildlife Trust have created a perimeter barrier through the use of piling. Conservation grazing by Hebridean sheep helps control shrub and purple moor grass. 

Notable species include common lizard, cross-leaved heath, cranberry, cotton grass and six species of sphagnum moss.  During the summertime the bog is a favoured breeding and feeding site of yellowhammer – a UK BAP species.

The site is owned and managed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust [hyperlink www.cheshirewildlifetrust.org.uk]

Immediately south of the M62, Holcroft Lane, Glazebrook, Culceth (nearest postcode WA3 5AU).

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Permit Required


Holcroft Lane, Glazebrook, Warrington.

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