April Book Review

Becky Royce

Inspired by #WorldBookDay on the 4th March, we are going to highlight some amazing books which we think you would like to read. Today we are going to kick things off with ‘Linescapes’ by Hugh Warwick.

In this book, Hugh Warwick talks about how lines effet the landscape he was looking at. He started to notice how railway lines, hedges, walls, or canals, for example, caused habitats to fracture and cause our environment to be fragmented. A fragmented landscape makes it hard for wildlife to move around freely which can cause them to become trapped and/or population numbers to decline. Hugh goes on to talk about how we could help to reconnect these habitats and help wildlife to move again.

All of us at the Carbon Landscape Partnership love this book because one of our aims is to reconnect habitats, so this book highlights the reasons why it is so important that we do that.  So much so, we invited Hugh to our volunteer conference in 2019. He did a great talk which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/mBL6vzPIWfw

Hope you enjoy the read!