June Book Review

Becky Royce

Get outdoors and read a book. Why not read this month's book highlight 'Life on Earth' by David Attenborough.

I mean, does there need to be any other reason to read this book? It's by Sir David Attenborough?! but just in case you want a little more information, here we go. Life on Earth was an outstanding series on the BBC and subsequently a book. Sir David Attenborough and his team took people on a unique journey around the world. Celebrating evolution in all its glory and showcasing some of the most interesting and wonderful species you could find. This copy is the updated version that was brought out in 2018 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the original 'Life on Earth'. It's a fantastic way to get into Sir David's mind and see things from his perspective. The way it is written is so inspiring and it's certainly a page-turner!