Restoration at New Moss Wood

Alice Wood

Last week our restoration officer and volunteer placement went out to New Moss Wood to carry out some much needed restoration work. They improved the hydrology of a mossland cell by installing an overflow pipe into one of the bunds, allowing water to drain from one cell to the other. This work will help the development of the cell and ensure that some of the more terrestrial sphagnum mosses can thrive.

Common-cotton grass was translocated to the edge of a bog pool. This is to increase the species diversity in the cell and develop the ponds into future potential White-faced Darter dragonfly habitat.

Furthermore, Pendulous Sedge was planted along ditch lines and ponds, to increase the number of marginal plant species. These plants grow big, so if they take, they may help push invasive species, such as Himalayan Balsam from establishing on the water course bank sides. These will also provide a food source for animals like our iconic Water Vole, if they can make their way back to the now suitable wetland habitats that New Moss Wood hosts!