What I have been up to in May

Daniel Jeal

Over the month of May I was involved in surveying and monitoring works on various sites.

I was helping with some habitat surveys on Highfield moss to establish a baseline before restoration works are done to be able to compare before and after intervention works. I was also assisting with some drone flights on Little Woolden moss. These were also to collect pre intervention data on the site, as well as monitoring the vegetation change of the site over the different seasons using special cameras to measure the height and spread of vegetation.

I was able to sit-in on some big meetings, such as the senior managers of Lancashire wildlife trust meeting, the full staff meeting, as well as the Carbon Landscape steering group meeting. It was really interesting to hear more from projects from across the wider trust, as well as see just how much work goes into the running of the charities too. Understanding more about the links across the wider trust and seeing the positive impact of my volunteer work on a big scale really pushes me to want to volunteer even more!

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend training sessions in learning how to map out data using the QGIS application and learning more about biodiversity net gain. These were really useful as I will be able to apply what I have learned to map out species survey work and also to have a deeper understanding of how to measure biodiversity net gain across the meetings I am sitting in.

Finally, I have been working with the youth council on projects such as no mow May and also 30 days wild. I have been campaigning for local authorities, MPs and also the Universities across Greater Manchester to lock away their mowers and let the grass grow to provide habitats for wildlife for the month of May. I received several positive accounts where organisations have taken some areas out of being mowed and are reducing the times they are mowing grass. I have also been preparing for 30 days wild, which involved being outside every day for the month of June. I have been coming up with some ideas such as volunteering out in nature and planting wildflowers in my garden.

This month I am looking forward to take part in 30 days wild, as well as being more involved with the youth council and the friends of Chat moss local action group. I am also looking forward to more sunshine so I can do some more field surveys.

For more information about how you can take part in 30 Days Wild, please find the link below.

What I have been up to in May