What I've Been up to in January!

Tegan Coupe

Hi Everyone,

At the beginning of December, I completed the last part of the Willow Tit Habitat assessment at Cadishead and Irlam. I found lots of great areas that in my opinion seem suitable for the Willow Tit. I am hoping that in spring I can get back out to these sights and record whether or not Willow Tit’s are present in these areas. This will then provide the evidence needed to suggest whether or not, looking at the quality of habitat’s can accurately predict where Willow tit are living and where they will be moving through.

I also went back down to Maypole Wood this month to do some clearance of the arisings from some tree felling that was done all the way back in October. This site is being cleared so that it can become a community orchard! We moved all of the brash to produce a dead hedge to surround the orchard next to the paths, to keep walkers from accidentally trampling the orchard as well as just generally acting as a boarder for the area. These paths are regularly used by walkers as well as being a bridleway so it was important that the dead hedge was made secure by posts on both sides preventing the hedge from falling into the orchard or blocking the path.

I also attended a couple more hedge laying sessions at Moss Brook Farm. The hedge laying workshops are always very popular with the other volunteers and always have a great turn out! It is amazing to see how the hedge takes shape throughout the day!