What I've Been up to in March!

Tegan Coupe

Hello Everyone,

March has been a slower month as a number of practical’s had to be postponed due to extreme weather and I also went away on holiday towards the end of the month.

I spent quite a few days down at Whitehead Hall Meadows doing various types of habitat maintenance across the site. We started by removing the blackthorn regeneration across the meadow in order to keep it as a meadow. There is a hedge row that was laid a couple of years ago, it was amazing to see how much it had grown and how successful it was. We trimmed some of the outward growth in order to keep it neat and tidy as it is not ready to be laid again yet. We also walked along the footpaths and removed any overhanging branches that were intruding on the paths. Due to the storms that hit, a few of the days were postponed and so consequently we spent one of the days removing any fallen or dangerous trees to make sure that all of the paths were safe.

I also got the opportunity to carry out a White faced darter feasibility survey on Highfield Moss. Surveying has become one of my favourite aspects of my placement and so I really enjoy any time an opportunity comes up!