What I've Been up to in November!

Tegan Coupe

Hi Everyone

November seems to have flown by! The nights are really drawing in now, so here's a snapshot of what I got up to.

Following on from last month, the data I collected during the Willow Tit Habitat Survey matched up really well with the data collected of Willow Tit presence in the same areas that had been collected in previous years. Because of its success, I will be going back to the Sankey Valley and also along the ship canal in Manchester and carry out the same survey there.

I went to Three Sisters to help with the installation of a sensory interpretation board. This board has braille on it and the map of the site contains 3D symbols and a key to allow it to be used by people with visual impairments. I think this is a great addition to the site and makes it more accessible to everyone.

Once a month the Leigh Library holds a Gardening club. I got the opportunity to attend their second session where we did some weeding in the herb section of the garden. We also collected the leaf little from the ground and spread it across areas of the soil as mulch. It is amazing to see this area of nature in such an urban environment. It just shows what can be done at home even if you do not have access to large areas of soil and grass.

I also visited the beautiful Amberswood this month for the first time. I helped with the installation of the signs for the British Cycling trail. These encourage the use of the Carbon Landscape AR app which allows you to see lots of local wildlife on your device in a fun way and tells you lots of information about them.

The amazing floating earth touring art piece by Luke Jerram was at Pennington Flash for a few days at the end of this month. Carbon Landscape had a stall for the whole of the Light Night event to promote the Landscape Adventurers as well as the different trails across all of the sites within the Carbon Landscape. I had a great time at this stall chatting with lots of members of the public. It was great to see how excited everyone was about the trails and events.

I have got a few fun things planned for December, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!