Want to protect the in-between places? Help us survey wildlife to underpin all our conservation and awareness works. This can be done within your own time and you’ll receive plenty of training and support through our Citizen Science project.


How Surveying Helps Wildlife

Our Citizen Science Surveyors have helped us to create a valuable baseline map for a variety of species, including Breeding Wetland and Breeding Farmland Birds, Water Voles, Willow Tits, Bitterns, Dragonflies and Damselflies. This data has helped to create project plans and management plans for sites all around the Carbon Landscape. The data that our volunteers has collected has been crucial for monitoring the effects of our Landscape Restoration efforts.

Different Ways to Survey

There are different methods employed by our volunteers, including water sampling, walking transects, inspecting live-capture traps, studying quadrats and studying maps. Each method specifically chosen for the species to be surveyed for.

Citizen Science

The survey work didn't stop when the Carbon Landscape Partnership stopped, but has continued and expanded throughout the Great Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area. Run by Greater Manchester Ecology Unit you can contact them here.