Five First Steps with Carbon Landscape

Ellie Sherlock

Our latest #firststeps campaign is all about how you can get out and get involved in the Carbon Landscape. Throughout the course of this campaign we will be creating events and opportunities that will help you on your journey of exploration. Follow us on social media and get involved in the campaign using the hashtag #firststeps. Let’s get started…

Step One: Learn Something New

Here at Carbon Landscape we want to give you the tools and guidance to learn new skills and try new things. It may be to help you further your career or simply for your own personal interest but learning something new can be one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time.

Many of our events at Carbon Landscape centralise around the idea of learning in a fun, relaxed environment. You can keep up to date with our latest events and opportunities by following our social media sites and events pages on our website.

Step Two: Try Some Volunteering

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and get out into the Carbon Landscape. Our volunteers are helping us to make a real difference to wildlife and wild spaces with practical conservation work and biological recording. You don’t have to have to be an expert to get involved with us so why not give it a go? For volunteering opportunities follow the link here.  

"I enjoy taking part in the survey workshops as it is helping me to develop an important skill. It is done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with people who are as keen on watching and recording birds as I am" – Helen, Carbon Landscape Volunteer.

Step Three: Go Somewhere Different

The Carbon Landscape is full of unique landscapes to explore.

Ever been to Risley Moss? This Site of Special Scientific Interest is also a Local Nature Reserve that covers 210.5 acres near Birchwood in Warrington. This is one of the last remaining fragments of raised bogs that once covered large areas of South Lancashire and North Cheshire. It is the perfect spot for a walk and a picnic with family and friends.

Wigan Flashes Local Nature Reserve is also a beautiful spot for a wander. The area boasts a wide variety of habitats including open water, reedbeds and mosslands and supports a huge diversity of wildlife to look out for including water voles, willow tits and bittern.

Step Four: Record a Species

Wildlife surveying is so important to conservation. By monitoring species, we can assess the success of conservation efforts and use the data to assist in writing management plans for sites. Here at Carbon Landscape we offer free wildlife survey training through our events and volunteer programs. There’s nothing to stop you trying your hand at spotting and identifying some species as you travel through the Carbon Landscape either. Recently, on a family wildlife walk around Three Sisters in Wigan we spotted a huge diversity of wildlife including bullfinches, blue tits, robins and redwings

Step Five: Get Creative

Get out and get crafty as you explore the Carbon Landscape. While you’re wandering around the Carbon Landscape, look out for pebbles, fallen twigs, leaves or anything else you can get your hands and get creative! You could try making a natural collage or sculpture. Feel free to share your natural creations with us, we’d love to have a look! @carbonlands #firststeps

These are just some of the #firststeps you can take to get out and get involved with us, if you any other ideas we would love to hear from you! Keep an eye on our website and social media sites too as we will be offering plenty of exciting opportunities for you to get involved in our #firststeps campaign.