Volunteers Introduced to Leading Groups

Steve Ormerod

Monday saw the workshop for current volunteers on the AQA qualification on Leading a Group.

Volunteers from across the Carbon Landscape attended Risley Moss Education Centre to take part in the workshop, led by Jenny Griggs and Katie Chambers of the Carbon Landscape Project.  The workshop was an introduction to the skills based qualification, outlining the knowledge that the volunteers would need to obtain the certificate.

The training, part of the Carbon Skills Project, aims to reward and recognise the volunteers with the opportunity to advance their professional development as well as securing the legacy of the project.

The training was very well received with attendees commenting: -

"Friendly and informal group session. Very informative."

"Conflict resolution really helpful"

"Nice and interactive"

Miranda Clarke from City of Trees said "Well done and thanks for the session yesterday – it was very enjoyable and useful – especially the tool safety bit as I never know what to say beyond ummmmm… don’t hurt yourself!"